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Don’t know the difference between Instagram stories and IGTV? Or does social media seem to be chewing away too much of your precious time?

From Facebook and Instagram to Pinterest and LinkedIn, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed with the number of social media platforms out there. It can be a challenge to determine which platforms are right for your business and how to utilise all their unique features to show off your rocking brand.

At She Rocks Digital, our mission is to empower women in small businesses so they can rock their digital marketing with confidence and calm. Our Social Media management services allow you to curate your very own social media plan, helping you focus on what matters most, both in your business and in your personal life. Whether you are struggling to post consistently or don’t even know where to start, we have a range of services for you to choose from to make Social Media Marketing a breeze.

How can we help you with Social Media Management?

We understand that every business has its own unique goals which is why we offer a range of social media management packages to help your business flourish.

A Rocking Strategy

At She Rocks Digital, we audit your current social media accounts and content to develop a strategy that will have the followers and likes rolling in. Whether you want to implement the strategy yourself, have us take it completely off your plate, or something in between, we can customise your social media marketing package to your preferences.

Our strategies always begin with an in-depth consultation to gain an understanding of your objectives, target market, brand voice, key messages, and visual style. Once we know exactly what your business is about, we can create a strategy that ticks all your boxes as well as curating a list of custom hashtags that will help you reach the right audience.  

Rocking Content Creation

Looking to increase brand awareness and cultivate an engaged following? Our team of Instagram and Facebook Page Managers can help you set up your accounts, create content and schedule all of your posts for any two chosen platforms. We can also manage your Pinterest, LinkedIn and YouTube account, which is perfect for those businesses seeking to improve their SEO.

The Rock ‘n’ Roll

If you want social media management entirely taken off of your workload, our Rock ‘n’ Roll package is the one for you!

Our team of SEO copywriters and graphic designers will create eye-catching graphics from your provided images and videos to complement the compelling captions we dream up. After approval, all of your posts will be scheduled, allowing your brand to effortlessly share engaging content consistently. Our social media content creation packages are available based on the number of posts you desire, with the options ranging from 3, 5 and 7 posts per week.

Want to see the reach and engagement these attention-grabbing posts receive? We can share all of the key insights and takeaways from the month in a detailed report delivered straight to your inbox. You will not only increase your brand awareness but reach a whole new audience with tailored social media outreach included in all of our packages.

Don’t have time to respond to comments and messages? You could be missing out on converting your target audience and nurturing an engaged, loyal community. At She Rocks Digital, we can fully support your social media accounts by responding promptly to all the comments and messages you receive if you desire.

Are you ready to rock social media?

Want to discuss with us to discuss which package will help your business thrive online today!

The Rock

Love creating the content but need a hand scheduling it in? Our Rock Package will be the perfect option for you busy bees who love to create the copy, graphics, and images but have no time to schedule it in. Our Rock package is a DIY content creation option that includes scheduling for 3, 5, or 7 posts per week. We will also carefully review all the content with our expert eyes and tweak them to perfection if required.

The Roll

If content creation is not your area of expertise but you are more than happy to schedule your social media posts, our Roll Package is the perfect option for you.  Our Roll Social Media Package includes the initial set up of all your chosen accounts, as well as the content for your choice of  3, 5 or 7 posts per week. Effortlessly schedule your posts with all the visuals, copy and custom hashtags you need to rock and roll.

Set up and Sing Your Message

Are you a new business? How exciting! At She Rocks Digital, we never want you feeling like you are in this alone. Our Set up and Sing Your Message package is all about helping you determine which platforms are right for your business in this exhilarating phase. From there, we can get your accounts ready to rock and roll with a clear strategy that will help you master your social media game in no time.

Rocking hashtags     

Want to improve your reach and impressions? Our social media hashtag research service will not only provide you with terms to base content around but expose you to a whole new audience.

From your industry to your location, our hashtag research will equip you with all the hashtags you need to start ranking in your niche. All of your target hashtags will then be split into different lists based on our recommendations, allowing you to effortlessly implement them into your social media content. If you are interested in harnessing the power of a rocking hashtag strategy to discover an engaged audience that resonates with your content, get in touch to learn more.


Our Rocking Work

Whose singing our praises…

Ruth from She Rocks Digital is a stalwart when it comes to Pinterest and training. She came into our clinic and showed us clearly and concisely what we should be doing to promote our business specifically on Pinterest, however, she also gave us tips on marketing across all social media generally. She provided us with easy to follow notes and was happy to give follow up education.

It truly was well worth it to make the transition onto this social media platform easy.

Gaye Barlow

Owner & Skin Care Consultant, The Skin Care Clinic

Help your business thrive online and rock your digital marketing presence.

From your website, search engine optimisation and social media to your graphics, branding, content marketing.