2022 My Year in Review

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What a massive year 2022 has been. And a tiring year, or is that just me? This year has seen personal things dominate more than business, which has switched things up a bit, given how busy the business has been in the last couple of years.

  • Running a business
  • Kicking off my health and wellness journey
  • Welcoming new clients
  • Saying goodbye to other clients
  • Surgery – not me for once
  • Overcoming my fear of flying
  • 2 trips to Queensland
  • Building a house
  • Selling a house
  • Moving
  • Setting up a new office space which I’m still organising
  • Continuing on my Human Design journey
  • 2 new additions to the family – the four-legged variety, not two

My word of 2022 – Good Health

My health and wellness have been a journey over the years. I tried the gym on and off for years, but I’d continually fall off the wagon. I noticed a common denominator that I’d always say – I wasn’t in the right mindset.

So, in 2022 I decided to tackle my mindset first. And I also decided that I don’t like the gym, so why force myself to do something I don’t like?

I enlisted the help of the lovely Nicole from Nictricious, and she had me on the right path in no time with custom hypnos that spoke directly to me and the foods I shouldn’t be eating and the wants that would best serve me.

I won’t lie. The first month was HARD, and I was not pleasant to be around as I started to clean up my eating. But within a few months, it started to become easier.

My hubby didn’t seem to get the message about good health, though and broke his wrist so badly it needed surgery. And it was such lousy timing, too, as we were heading away for the Easter holidays. But instead, he spent Easter Saturday in surgery and Easter Sunday high as a kite on some good pain meds.

Getting ready to sell our house

My hubby’s broken wrist also coincided with when it was time to get our house ready to sell. My husband had been planning to take holidays to get the never-ending list of things done around the house, but then entered wristgeddon and instead, he was recovering from wrist surgery.

And I did things I didn’t think I could anymore with my neck and vertigo issues, but I suppose where there’s a will, there’s a way. Our 12-year-old was enlisted to help paint (much to her disgust initially, but then it turned out she didn’t mind getting on the end of a roller). And it all got done.

Although the week we put the house on the market, everyone in the family except me came down with gastro. I’m usually the first to go down, but I must have scared the germs away with my no-nonsense “don’t get in my way, I’m on a mission” attitude that week because I stayed germ-free. We can laugh about it now with a grimace, but it’s not a week I want to repeat in a hurry.

Long story short, after a stressful 30 days, the house sold, and it was time to get packing with a settlement to try and coincide with when our new house would be ready. So, many balls to juggle. I became the Queen of juggling.

Moving house

I always loved to move, but I don’t know if it’s with all the stuff we’ve accumulated with 2 kids, a business and 20 years of marriage, but it’s not as fun as it used to be. And so exhausting! Especially the sleeping on a mattress the day before we officially moved in. The kids wanted to stay at the new house, and I was feeling adventurous enough to say yes and share a mattress with our 8 year old, who is such a wriggler when he sleeps, I discovered.

overcome my fear of flying at she rocks digital hobart

Overcoming my fear of flying

After many years of disliking flying and trying to cover it, so the kids didn’t notice as I didn’t want to put my fears onto them. I decided enough was enough, especially with two trips to Queensland coming up.

I enlisted Nicole from Nictricious again, as I’d had great success with my health and mindset. After a 1:1 session and a custom hypno in hand, I was all set. And I conquered!!! And I am so proud of myself.

And I got to enjoy two trips to Queensland for kids sporting events, which instils one of the reasons I do what I do – flexibility to work around my kids and family. And to work from anywhere as long as I have my laptop.

Hello to new clients and goodbye to others

I got to welcome some new clients to the She Rocks family this year with:

  • New websites
  • 1:1 Consults
  • SEO
  • Web Maintenance
  • Content writing

And it was time to say goodbye to others as they decided to move onto different paths and even sell their business in a case or two.

how my facebook got hacked first hand experience from she rocks digital hobart


My Facebook got hacked

If you follow me on social media, you probably already heard about the week my Facebook got hacked. It was nine days of hell. Once you no longer have access, you truly realise how much of your life revolves around Facebook:

  • My personal profile was gone
  • My business page was still active, and I could post but couldn’t make any changes to the settings or admins, so the page’s longevity was in question.
  • Business Manager – gone too.
  • 6 years of interacting and helping out and giving advice in business groups – gone
  • School groups – gone
  • Kid’s sporting groups – gone
  • Kids messenger access – gone

I won’t go on, but for the full story, check out my blog post, not surprisingly titled My Facebook Got Hacked.

Human Design

This year saw me continue my journey with Human Design with Caroline Lynda. I’ve dabbled in Human Design but decided towards the end of the year to embrace how I’m designed to work and operate more effectively and efficiently.

It can be a bit of a minefield as there’s so many different paths. But Caroline’s hot seat calls help answer questions and interpret what it all means.

welcome olga and alfie to teh she rocks digital family

Welcome, Alfie and Olga

Then out of the blue, when we weren’t even looking, we welcomed 8.5-year-old brother and sister Alfie and Olga to the family. They’re Miniature Dachshund x Fox Terrier and have settled in beautifully.

What have I learned from this year?

That not every year will be a big business year, and that’s ok.

Sometimes life pulls us in other directions, and one of the joys of working for yourself is that you can do that without having to answer or explain to a boss.

The downside is when I’m not focussed on business, it also affects my bank balance. But this does start the mind thinking about how I can fill this gap with resources and evergreen content.

word of the year action at she rocks digital hobart


What’s the plan for 2023?


In my journey this year, I’ve discovered that I’m great at dreaming/coming up with ideas and planning. But I’m not so great when it comes to following my ideas through to fruition in my business. I get too caught up in working in my business rather than on my business. So, 2023 is all about action.

  • Action to keep developing and growing personally
  • Action to grow my business
  • Action to do what makes me happy and smile

What’s your plan for 2023?


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