Keyword Research Services

Your website’s foundation to unlock your Google rankings

Keyword research is the foundation for your website’s SEO (search engine optimisation) success and will get your website in front of your ideal clients/customers. And it’s these words, aka keywords, that people use in search engines to find what they are looking for. 

How our keyword research services work


Get to know you

No keyword approach is the same, so we take the time to get to know and understand your business, your ideal target market, and your website and SEO goals.

Review your ideal keywords

We get you to tell us what you ideally want to rank for and what you think your clients/customers are searching for.

The interesting thing about this is what you think you should be ranking for isn’t necessarily what you should be ranking for.


We research and brainstorm hundreds of ideas that might work for your business and then narrow them down based on the searcher intent, search volume, and how hard it will be to rank for each keyword.

Competitor analysis

We review what your competitors are doing and how. Are there any keyword opportunities we can tap into, and how can we do it better?


We use our expertise to analyse our keyword research results and competitor analysis and make our recommendations on what you should be targeting and how they apply to each page.


Depending on what we find, you might even get a bonus keyword idea or two that you can utilise in a blog post.

What you receive 

You will receive a complete Keyword Strategy tailored to your small business.

This will consist of an overview to remind us what you wanted to target so we can compare it to our recommendations based on our findings, analysis and years of experience.

Your strategy will consist of a focus keyword recommendation for each page, plus numerous keyword synonyms for each page.

Want to find the right keywords for your small business?