How to Get Your Ecommerce Website Christmas Ready

by | Sep 16, 2022 | SEO, Websites

If you haven’t already, it’s time to get your Christmas stock online asap. Does that seem early to you?

Remember you need time for Google to crawl your website to get those Christmas products ranking on your e-commerce website, so when someone puts your search terms into Google, your products are the one that comes up.

Don’t forget to ensure your product images are on point, too, as Google search image results are a great place to rank when you’re talking about e-commerce websites.

When planning the release of your Christmas stock or for any special occasions really like

  • Mother’s Day
  • Father’s Day
  • Easter

Work your timeline out backwards – consider when your Christmas orders start and work back a few months from there; that should be when your Christmas range is online.

The earlier, the better from a Christmas perspective.

Do you need to review your keyword research?

Keyword research is one of the most critical aspects of your website (you’ve no doubt heard me say it before). And it’s always a good idea to review your Keyword Strategy regularly to ensure you’re still on point and target the right keywords when it comes to your:

  • Product descriptions
  • Image file names – remember it’s a good idea to be able to zoom into your images too so your website visitors can see the detail of your products.
  • Image alt tags
  • Page titles
  • Meta descriptions

Use your time wisely, and why not review your keywords before you start on your Christmas products? There’s no point setting your products up on your e-commerce website, and you’re targeting the wrong audience and bringing in the wrong traffic.

We want to target the right keywords that people are putting into Google so they’ll convert into sales.

It’s a good idea to review and revamp your current Christmas listings each year, not just your new Christmas products.

ecommerce website architecture at she rocks digital for ecommerce website design in hoart

Review your e-commerce site architecture

If you’re an existing online store, you’ll probably have your architecture down pat, but it never hurts to review things. Sometimes we can be oblivious to what’s in front of us.

While your home page should be well designed and user-friendly, remember that not all of your website visitors will arrive via your home page. Some will come in directly through your

  • product pages
  • category pages
  • blog posts

And you want them to come in throughout these pages, too, not just your home page, as that means multiple pages on your site rank well.

You want a home page that clearly and concisely explains what you sell, shows your products and allows visitors to get quickly and easily to the categories or products they want.

  • Featured products
  • Popular products
  • New arrivals

These are great options to highlight on your home page, along with your categories.

Post Christmas things to remember

It’s essential to have a plan for handling your Christmas products and categories after the season.

  • Do you leave them active and published
  • Or do you unpublish them until next season?

Don’t just unpublish or hide them; you’ll get a gazillion broken links, and Google does not like that, so don’t hurt your e-commerce SEO unnecessarily.

Can we help get your e-commerce store Christmas ready?

If you need a helping hand getting your website ready for the Christmas period, then reach out and book a call and let’s chat about where you’re at and the options we have available. It could range from a quick consult to developing a Keyword Strategy, reviewing your e-commerce website design, and so much more.

I’m always happy to talk SEO; Christmas is just a bonus.

ruth slade from she rocks digital website and seo expert hobart

Ruth Slade is a Hobart based digital marketing specialist in SEO and website design, as well as social media, content creation and graphic design. Ruth loves working with small businesses and rocking their digital world. A lot of small businesses don’t know what they don’t know when it comes to the digital space, which is where Ruth comes in.

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