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Rocking Graphic Design and Branding

At She Rocks Digital, we want to empower you to rock your digital marketing with confidence and calm. Whether you are searching for a memorable logo or eye-catching print designs, make a lasting impression on your audience with our full range of graphic design services, including:


Branding and Logo Designs


Marketing and Promotional Material


Business Stationery


Books and Publications


Website Design and more!

Branding and Logo Design

Logo Designs

First impressions matter, so make them count with an eye-catching logo that captures the heart of your brand.

A logo is not only a reflection of your brand’s mission, vision, and values, it also serves to grab your audience’s attention and helps you stand out from the crowd. If you are struggling to capture the essence of your brand with a unique and captivating logo design, we are here to help you share one that truly resonates with your audience.

To create designs that truly convey your brand message and encapsulate what makes your business unique, we take the time to get to know you and your brand inside out. Our artistic logo designer will create three to four one of a kind concepts and further refine the winner to ensure that it resonates with you,  your brand, and your audience.

Once it has your tick of approval, we will digitally send through the final logo design in industry standard formats, as well as any other file types upon request. Our collaborative logo design process will have you dancing on air with a finished product that you and your audience will love.

If you are ready to rock your brand’s personality with the logo of your dreams, get in touch today.

logo design hobart produce industry by she rocks digital
graphic design hobart fresh produce industry by she rocks digital
logo design for small businesses in Hobart for Hobo Art and Homewares from She Rocks Digital
logo design COAD example from She Rocks Digital

I engaged Ruth to help me design the logo and marketing material for my small business and she made the whole experience an exciting, motivating one that exceeded my expectations and actually lead to me shifting my focus and having more sense of direction in general. She was quick to respond to all of my queries, however minor and made sure that I was involved and informed throughout the process. Not only was it a pleasure to work with her, the end result is absolutely amazing. Can’t recommend her services enough.

Kimberley Dover

Owner, Pokey Possume Children's Clothing & Decor

Digitise Your Logo Design

Have a shiny new idea but don’t know how to get it down on paper? Or are you in love with a sketch but can’t translate it to the digital world?

At She Rocks Digital, our artistic and experienced logo designer will not only bring your design to life but refine it to perfection. After we have gotten to the core of your brand’s values and goals, all you have to do is share your current design or ideas and we will work our design magic. You can effortlessly share your logo far and wide with the high-resolution logo files delivered straight to your inbox, including jpeg, png and pdf formats.

Our Digitise Your Logo service is customised to your concept and the level of refinement you desire.  If you are ready to turn your ideas and sketches into a digital reality, contact us today for a quote.

graphic design digitise your logo concept for Pokey Possum at She Rocks Digital Hobart

Branding Packages

Your visuals represent your brand so make sure they have a lasting impact with She Rock Digital’s Branding Packages.

Whether you are looking for a branding refresh or are just starting out, at She Rocks Digital, we love helping you rock your digital game with stunning designs that appeal to your ideal customer or client. No matter if you are searching for a basic or comprehensive branding package, we take the time to truly understand your brand’s purpose and target audience. We take care of every aspect of your branding during this collaborative process to ensure your brand’s visual identity is cohesive, creative and uniquely yours.

From cover photos to landing pages, we offer graphics of all sizes and styles that will be sure to capture the attention of your dream market. There is no room for cookie-cutter graphics at She Rocks Digital; the striking graphics, patterns, and imagery we create will provide you with a distinctive and cohesive look across your website and other marketing channels.  If you are ready to start rocking the web with all the branding essentials you need, contact us today for an obligation-free chat.

Marketing and Promotional Material

Digital Marketing Packages

Stop people scrolling their feed with social media graphics that demand attention.

With more and more brands popping up, it is harder than ever to stand out in a saturated market. At She Rocks Digital, we help you get the awareness your brand deserves with our eye-catching digital marketing graphics. From cover photos to carousel posts, our digital marketing packages are optimised for multiple platforms and will have your audience double-tapping in a heartbeat. We will provide you with all the templates and assets you and your team need to effortlessly share these rocking designs with your followers.

If you want one of a kind designs that truly communicate your brand’s message, get in touch today and let’s shake your social media up!

graphic design digital marketing packages for social media templates at she rocks digital hobart
graphic design services for social media at she rocks digital hobart
graphic design services hobart for digital marketing at she rocks digital hobart
social media graphic design services at she rocks digital hobart
facebook graphic design services at she rocks digital hobart
facebook graphic design services at she rocks digital hobart


Do you have an exciting new product or service to promote? Or are you looking to increase the sales of your current offerings?

Advertising your business’s products or services allows you to get more eyeballs on your brand. Striking, on-brand designs that appeal to your target audience are essential to the success of your advertisements. At She Rocks Digital, we design flyers, brochures and other advertising materials that will help you stand out from the crowd and showcase what makes your business unique.

All of our graphic and branding services include a deep dive into the heart of your brand, and advertisements are no exception. Our collaborative approach to designing ensures we effectively communicate your brand message and rock your digital presence.

If you want captivating promotional material that will have the sales rolling in, get in touch today to discuss what enticing designs we can conjure up for your brand!

flyer graphic design services she rocks digital hobart
flyer graphic design at she rocks digital hobart

Packaging and Labels

If you have a rocking product, give it the packaging to match.

Product packaging plays a fundamental role in the consumer’s decision-making process, in fact, it can even be the final deciding factor before a sale rolls in. At She Rocks Digital, we will help your product stand out on the shelf, be it digital or physical, with our captivating and functional designs.

If you are ready to sway your ideal customer to add the item to the cart with packaging that not only reflects your brand identity but resonates with your audience, get in touch today to schedule your complimentary discovery call.

Printing Solutions

Do you want to keep your brand rocking from the world of digital to print? Our aesthetically pleasing printing designs and solutions will have your customers rolling in.

At She Rocks Digital, we are here to help you keep your brand’s designs gorgeous and cohesive from the digital world to the printing one. We will ensure you meet all the printer’s requirements with a range of printing solutions, including flyers, brochures, labels and more!

If the printing space is uncharted waters for you, get in touch with us today and we’ll have you rocking it with confidence and calm in no time.

Business Stationery

Are you burning precious time trying to create and update presentation slides? Does your branding fall short outside of the digital world?

If PowerPoint and printing isn’t your forte, it’s time to get back to the areas of business where you shine. Letterheads, business cards and presentations are only a few of the essential business stationery you need to communicate the professionalism of your business. At She Rocks Digital, we’ll have you looking polished and credible with your very own business stationery designs.

Using our creativity, along with our design expertise, we can guide you through all the different finishes and materials that will help your business stand out on paper. You’ll also have all the templates you need to seamlessly incorporate your branded designs across the board.

Want to learn more about our design process? Get in touch today to discover how we can create gorgeous business stationery for your brand.

graphic design services business card design at she rocks digital hobart
business card design and graphic design services with she rocks digital hobart

Books and Publications

If you have been through the lengthy process of writing a book or publication, make sure it gets the admiration and praise it deserves by making sure it stands out on the shelf.

At She Rocks Digital, we develop out of the box designs that will capture the eye of your target audience. We pride ourselves on learning all we can about your desired outcomes and goals before designing an engaging cover to match your brief and formatting the pages to perfection. We’ll keep the printer happy too, by formatting your publication with the utmost attention to detail and in line with all of the printing requirements.

If you want a design tailored to your ideal readers, get in touch today to learn more about our book and publication design service.

Website Design

Your website is the foundation of all your digital marketing endeavours. To rock your digital goals, it’s important to not only create a website that is aesthetic, functional and appeals to your target audience, but it’s also critical that it’s regularly maintained and easy to find.

Whether you are starting from scratch or your current website needs some TLC, we can help you attract your dream customers and clients with an effective, responsive website design that is search engine optimised (SEO). At She Rocks Digital, we make your website design journey effortless and enjoyable by taking care of the entire process from conception to completion. 

Our website design services include keyword research, blog setup, social media integration, engaging copy, the set up of Google Analytics and Google Search Console as well as hosting, branding and domain recommendations, not to mention a month of monitoring and support post-launch.

If you want a rocking, user-friendly website design that ranks for the terms your dream audience is searching for, you can learn more about our responsive website packages here.

graphic design building industry website with she rocks digital
graphic design cleaning industry website with she rocks digital
graphic design disability support industry website with she rocks digital

Help your business thrive online and rock your digital marketing presence.

With a website that will sing to your ideal clients/customers, search engine optimisation that is tailored to your business and industry, copywriting and content marketing and 1:1 consults with our Rockstar Power Hour. We have you covered.